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Une Nuit Sans Lumiére

Woke up remembering bits and pieces of strange dreams. Like, we’d gone up to Montreal to see The Arcade Fire play and it was a house show. But rather than playing in the house they were playing, like, on the front lawn or something…and there was nowhere to stand really so we had to crouch in a cold snowbank on the sidewalk in the dark. And some jerk behind me kept talking loudly during their set and it turned out to be William Shatner (originally of Montreal) and then he got into a wrestling match with Lederhosen Lucil. And then Win Butler tried to take my bendable Hulk action figure that I was clutching ever so tightly (the one that my friend Jeff gave me when I was 15, but has now been claimed by the little man). But then a parade started to go by, up the block, with legions upon legions of baton twirlers only they were twirling flaming sparklers. And then I asked someone if there was anywhere to get vegan pancakes in town. And then I woke up. Weird.
Bonus: An offhand remark by La Coquette has had me craving apricot-filled beignets all week (not to mention lounging in the French countryside, though sans poodles). I sent the husband a recipe and suggested that he might try to find a way to veganize it. Outlook not so good.
Plus: It is time for Chuck to rejoin the Land of the Working Stiffs. He specializes in web/blog/vlog/video stuff. If anyone’s got any leads, let him know.
And: Haven’t had any spare time to write about our trip, so, for now, here’s a smattering of photos (for those of you who haven’t already seen them all on flickr).
first flight

pirate store at 826 Valencia

mossy tree at muir woods

from inside an old tree

the strange little man

at muir beach

a cute urban scrawl

heavenly vegan sundae

chocolate goatee

leaving the golden gate bridge

sandy shoes at ocean beach