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You Can’t Stop The Signal

After I turned in last night Joss started his very own thread on Whedonesque, to announce a special screening…of an unfinished version of Serenity, in select cities, on May 5th. The closest to here is in Chicago. Just an 8-hour drive though. Hmmmm.

And another announcement, this time closer to home, from my buddy Chuck:

It’s a blog. It’s what’s happenin’ tonight. It’s MN news at-a-glance (MSM and blogs side-by-side? Blasphemy!). It’s tomorrow’s now delivered today. It’s local alt-media, turned on it’s head and whipped into tiny delicious pancakes.

Apparently it reeks of potential, and that new blog smell. I took it for a test drive the other day, and so far I’ve liked what I’ve seen.
Plus: We’ve been sorely lacking in the eye candy department around these parts lately. My apologies. Hoping to rectify that this weekend.
And: The little man just informed me that he’s feeling better, and his cheek is no longer “fluffy” (personally I’d thought it was rather “puffy” before). And that he’d like to go to school and to the library. I’d like to comply with his requests, but the doc suggested he stay home so that a) we can keep an eye on his condition and b) he doesn’t pick up any viral crud from classmates or other kids that would make him too ill to have his surgery. So it’ll be another day of boredom for the poor kid (not nearly as interesting as The Boredoms, who will be playing in Chicago next month).
Bonus: Sure didn’t take long for them all to sell out. Sigh.