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Unusual But Flexible

Do you know who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Joss Whedon, that’s who. Hot damn but the Serenity trailer gave me goosebumps. And I am certainly not alone.

And the husband and the little man are happy, because our new GameCube arrived this afternoon, with assorted games. And our little trio is happier, in general, as the antibiotics seem to be doing their magic. The little man has been more like himself today. But it will still be good to get the offending tooth out of his head, and the others cleaned up and capped, as needed. We’re getting closer.

My latest flickr crush has to be 7-how-7. Check him out (particularly this set):

Sometimes I play with dolls. Blow-up dolls. A production company I work for supplies them to movies, commercials etc for use as extras. This is a typical day of blowing them up, helping them get dressed, and finding them a good seat in the stadium.

How bizarre and wonderful. And this is bizarre but maybe not so wonderful. Delightfully creepy perhaps? And this is just funny (I feel honored to be part of such a sisterhood). And this is the time where my overwhelmed and overtired self goes to bed. Nigh nigh.