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We Can’t Be Contained was smaller this year, as several regular participants have moved away, and the hosting house was moved a few blocks over. But fourteen of us still turned out, many of us bringing enough food to feed the rest, the dishes too numerous to describe. It was ridiculous and wonderful. And there were futon mattresses to lounge on throughout the gorging process. Not that the little man would sit still for that. He had a grand time running all over the place, screeching and ordering people around. For some reason his favorite commands were, “drink your juice!” and “get on the turtle!” - the latter referring to an oversized stuffed turtle, which had been sitting quietly in a corner until he got a hold of it. Then when we’d really slowed down on our consumption, it was time to watch an “interactive movie”. The Scourge of Worlds: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure was good fun. Sadly (for us) our hosts will be moving to San Francisco by this time next year, joining the others who have likewise fled. We’ll try not to think of that for now. For the time being, we’ll focus on finishing off the leftovers (and getting my word count back on track).
NaNo word count: 40757/50000

broccolini with two sauces
the full spread of savories
the little man with some found goggles