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Divination By The Appearance Or Motion Of Liquids

After yesterday’s gorgefest, I was much less interested in food today. But we had a 9am breakfast date with the darling Delia, before she heads back to Chicago. I don’t think breakfast at a cooperatively owned restaurant would be included in the ban on Buy Nothing Day, right? Anyhow, a few other folks joined us, though none of us were particularly excited by the prospect of eating. It was more about the visiting, and the beverages (coffee, tea, Silk Nog) which was nice. And two days in a row of having fun with adult friends? That happens so rarely for me. I’m planning to make it a triple threat, what with tomorrow night’s Arcade Fire show and all. But I will more than make up for it next week. I have to frantically finish my novel, and I’ve volunteered to accompany the little man’s class on a field trip to the Children’s Museum. Life is about balance, after all.

In related news, I’m a bit nervous about falling behind on my word count again. How could it possibly be this late in the day already? I had a chance to make up for lost time when the little man unexpectedly took an hour and a half long nap. So what did I do instead? Watch the extras on the Blade II DVD, of course. Sure, it was interesting to learn about the Mike Mignola connection, but where is my discipline? Where is my mind? I’d better try to find one of the two, at the very least.
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