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The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, And Other Assorted Goodies

Monday randomista. I’m already up to my eyeballs in freelance work, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the weekend, what with its extra-fine weather. Yesterday was all brunches and bbqs with friends, old and newish. And one feature film in two parts…the biggest, baddest B-movie ever made. I must say, I am officially a Kill Bill convert. And I’m glad I didn’t watch the first volume until after the second was released. Waiting out that long of an intermission would have driven me crazy(ier). In other movie news, trailers are online for Howl’s Moving Castle, from Studio Ghibli. No official word yet on when it will be released stateside. And lastly, the husband’s been fiddling around with the open source blogging tool, Blosxom. Before long I’ll be joining other bloggers in the 21st century. My hand coded pages will be a thing of the past, replaced by revamped entries, replete with individual IDs (permalinks at last!), comments and more. We’ve been testing (”we” being the husband, mostly) and hope to switch over some time this week. Hopefully it won’t be buggy, but I’d like to think that someone would let me know if it is. Like the time that Dave and I were walking into work and my dress had, apparently, gotten hiked up and tangled in my backpack…such that I was strolling down a busy street, during rush hour, for at least a couple of blocks, with my ass totally hanging out. But wait, I’m the one who noticed that. Gee, thanks for nothing Dave. So please, loyal readers, don’t let my blog go a few blocks with its ass hanging out. Thank you very much.

delia jane and her homemade spinach pie
demonic panda panda
borrowed toys
my lucky star
amy playing the drumz
berry berry
the little man with little kirby
the little man with little kirby