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The Drive To Embellish

Today was a better day. The weather was fair. The husband mowed the lawn (thank you, darling). And the little man and I walked into a win-win situation…enjoying the effervescence of our friend Delia Jane, combined with the 10th Annual Art Car Parade. Our timing was perfect. We arrived on the scene early enough to stroll past the cars as they lined up…but not so late that we’d miss out on scoring a kickass viewing spot. As much as I love St. Paul, it’s events like these that make me miss being an Uptown girl. I was completely at ease blending into this crowd of mellow mamas, laid-back kids and other art-friendly folks. And I captured enough cars to warrant the creation of a new gallery, though I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to snap off a decent shot of the couchmobile…I was too enamored of the snazzy spinning action.
10th annual art car parade