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Thank You. Thank You Very Much.

So now it’s later. And as much as I adore Bruce Campbell, and think that his performance was top-notch…I cannot get over Ossie Davis. First off, I’m stunned that he agreed to appear in this oddball lower-budget flick to begin with…but also by how well he pulled off the most bizarre lines. He was brilliant. As was my man Bruce. Though the film was considerably more crass than anticipated, I’d say it’s still worth seeing. As would my cohorts…Afrojet, Ben-Chavez and Urth (aka birthday boy big Dave). The attention to certain details was touching…almost warranting a repeat viewing. But I can wait until it’s out on DVD. And, like Afrojet, I would have more video viewing in store for me for the evening. The husband was back home, minding the little man, and neither of us was in the mood to make dinner (which would involve washing a ginormous pile of dirty dishes first). So I had him call in an order to Pizza Luce, seeing as I was in that neck of the woods. And on a tip from Dave I checked out CD Warehouse on Lake Street. I hadn’t realized they sell used DVDs (this could be dangerous). After having Tiny Dancer stuck in my head much of the week I’d been in the mood to watch Almost Famous. Lucky for me I was able to score a used copy for as much as it would have cost to rent it (considering the late fees we’ve got at our local video store). So not such a bad Friday after all. Distractions aplenty with an excellent movie theater experience, plus pizza, plus some comfy chair time with a good video and a lapcat. We managed to keep busy today too. The ladies joined us for the Walker’s family day (they really are part of our little family). Luckily they seemed more amused than embarrassed when the little man, aka megaphone mouth, started heckling the Theater Mu performers like it was amateur night at the Apollo. Man, does his voice project…especially in the Walker’s auditorium. What kicked it up a notch was his interaction with other visitors. Some folks from a group home had joined us, including an autistic man seated directly behind us with his helper. He kept asking her when they could leave, and what was happening on-stage. To the latter questions, the little man would occasionally turn around and tell him, quite loudly, that the tiger was sleeping…or the tiger was hiding…or the tiger wanted to fight. I was thankful when that ended so I could stop with the futile ssh-ing. Then we wandered the galleries a bit, before heading into a crowded art-making room to create some cool collages (I was so engrossed in my little project that I failed to take photos). By the time the scheduled short films had started we all had seriously growling tummies, so afterwards we took off for lunch at the Seward Cafe. Since our return home, it’s been nothing but lounging around…and I aim to keep it that way for the remainder of the day.

getting a leg (or two) up at the Walker