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The Department For The Final Disposition Of Irredeemable Persons

I’m bummed that I missed last night’s screening of Afropunk, but the husband wasn’t in any shape to watch the little man alone. Besides, distractions abound at home. Just finished reading Matt Ruff’s Fool on the Hill yesterday and loved it. When I first picked up the borrowed book the author’s name seemed familiar, as did the writing style. A number of years ago I’d read something else of his…Sewer, Gas & Electric: The Public Works Trilogy, another wacky romp of a tale. Also, my mother-in-law kindly recovered the novel I’d just started to read while at their place up North…and, naturally, had left behind there. So I’m back into Blindness, by José Saramago. But, wait, there’s more. The highlight of last night, I must admit, was the season premiere of the revamped Angel. Not nobel prize winning, like Blindness, but I enjoyed the episode, overall, and see promise in the new premise. There’s no longer any reason to look forward to Tuesday nights, but I know what I’ll be doing Wednesdays.