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Once Again For The Very First Time

The husband certainly had a grueling evening. He headed out around 8:30pm…and returned home around 1am. He waited quite a while to be seen at urgent care. When it was finally his turn the staff freaked out and insisted he should have gone straight to the ER (I think the triage nurse he spoke with on the phone will be scolded rather severely). An ambulance was ordered for him and he was whisked away, wearing a neckbrace. At the hospital it was hours more of waiting, while lying on a flatboard, and submitting to various tests. In the end it was determined he would be all right, which is good. But he’s bound to be a little sore for a few days. Or weeks. Big thanks go to the in-laws for sticking by his side…while I held down the fort with the little man (we were both in lalaland). I bet the husband will never look at ladders the same way again. In less life threatening news, I’ve added another photo gallery. Another collaborative type project, called connect8, courtesy of Tracey. The idea is start with one photo, then continue on with seven more connecting shots (each with a theme relating to the previous in some way), without telling a story through the series. Didn’t think I’d have time to do this one…but whipped something together yesterday, while the little man and I were out running errands. And I nabbed lucky number 13 on the connect8 list of participants.