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The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

A few sad stories today. First off, Johnny Cash has died. He lost his wife just a few months ago, which probably played a part in his deteriorating health. They will both be missed.
The WTO Opens to Tragedy and Protest in Cancun:
“A South Korean farmer, Kun Hai Lee, committed ritual suicide during the WTO’s opening day to protest the organization’s agricultural policies.
Witnesses said Lee stood in front of police lines, declared that ‘the WTO kills farmers,’ and then slashed himself to death with a blade. His suicide came on South Korea’s Day of the Dead.”
And finally, the husband pointed out an amazing essay…that left me feeling saddened. And powerless. And hopeless. But I’m glad I read it just the same. Sherien Sultan’s Surviving the War Zone on the R Train reveals the risks of being an Arab-American Muslim woman residing in New York City.