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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Sam has new drawings up for the first time in over a month.
Matthew ‘Punch’ Baldwin (aka Defective Yeti) continues his ace reporter gig at The Morning News, much to my delight, with “Neocons, Midwives, and Me“.
Chuck’s sticking it to the man again by posting two excellent interviews…one with Salam Pax, the Baghdad blogger (audio) and the other with Al Franken (video).
I am pleased that James selected Lady Miss Kier, especially because of the sound reasoning behind his decision. But I realize I neglected to include party girl Parker Posey in the list. Doh.
The next round of the International Photographic Scavenger Hunt will be happening in November. In the mean time Tracey has a mini-project to tide us over called Connect8.
And now for a simple little diversion to drive you to distraction…catchThirtyThree. Thank you MetaFilter, for wasting even more of my time.
The News of the Weird is just as likely to make me cringe as smile…but the Least Competent Criminals report falls into the latter category:
“At the Amoco station on Route 59 In Spring Valley, N.Y., on June 22, an unidentified man twice jumped on the counter and shouted, demanding that the clerk hand over money, but twice the clerk pushed him off, and the man finally gave up and left. And in August in Delray Beach, Fla., a man tried to carjack Larry Klein, 53, who is disabled, but Klein repeatedly jabbed at the man out the window with one of his crutches, and he finally ran away.”
And, finally, the Wave Magazine has used the Voight-Kampff Test (from Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and later used by Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard, in the film “Blade Runner”) to determine whether or not the San Francisco mayoral candidates are human. Brilliant.