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The Day After

So that’s it. Buffy, as we know it, is over. I’m still in shock (felt a little awe too, with Joss back at the helm). The ending isn’t going to be all things to all people. I didn’t walk away entirely satisified. But it did make possible many future outcomes. We’d better get a spin-off, or a feature length film out of this. Until then Buffy’s departure leaves a huge hole to fill. What to do with the newly freed up time on Tuesdays? Well, I can get more reading in, for one thing. And next Tuesday I’d like to see “Spellbound“, an award-winning documentary that “presents the intense, real-life experience of the National Spelling Bee as illustrated by the stories of eight driven, young spellers who compete for the top prize.” A subject near and dear to my heart. Landmark will be showing it for a while, but next Tuesday’s screening is a benefit for Achieve Minneapolis, a group that sounds worthwhile. Beyond that, I’m afraid I may be sucked in by a different distraction…my newly acquired PS2. Purchased from a co-worker who is all about his Xbox these days. Currently we own only one game, SSX Tricky (as I declined to purchase any of the Grand Theft Auto titles along with the console). But I’m hoping to get set up for Dance Dance Revolution soon, tricked out dance mats and all. I guess there really can be life beyond Buffy. Sad, isn’t it?