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Which Way To The Sunset

Thoughts that crossed my mind, while eating lunch at my desk today:
- Eating with freshly-sealed teeth creates an interesting, though not at all pleasant, sensation.
- It’s a good day to be eating soup. I’m glad I whipped up a batch over the weekend…and remembered to pack some for my lunch.
- After a string of recent, humbling defeats I may retire from foosball. Until I get my groove back.
- How will I know if my groove is back, if I’m not playing?
- I need chocolate.
- I tend to be more productive, and prolific, after consuming Advil Cold & Sinus. Best not make a habit of it.
- I hope this entry doesn’t have me competing with the dullest blog in the world.
- It’s the end of an era. Tomorrow night UPN will be airing the last new Buffy episode. Ever.
- At least I will be among friends while viewing it. Sigh.