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Safe As Houses

I’ve been wondering about one of the nicer houses in our neighborhood. I drive by it daily on my morning commute. Last week I noticed some digging had been done in the yard. A tree uprooted. And something was happening with the windows. It sort of looked like there may have been a fire. Or as though an addition might be built on. Or something. But as the week progressed, so did the destruction of both the house and the property. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized what’s happening. With the entire house looking forlorn and up on blocks, so to speak, and already shifted a few hundred feet from its original location…it’s being prepped for a move. But I’m not sure why. Other than it has one of the best views in the river valley. I guess someone made the owners an offer they couldn’t refuse, for that piece of property. But it’s all so weird. I may never know where that house ends up. And I’m slightly nervous about what will be erected in its place.