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The People On The Corner

We have no exciting plans to report for this weekend…save for some tentative plans to hang out with friends and family. And I’m half-considering dragging the little man to the Eleni Mandell in-store appearance at Treehouse Records on Sunday. But next weekend, dang, it’s gonna be action-packed. First off, on Friday “Cowboy Bepop: The Movie” opens at select Landmark Theaters, happily including one of ours (not “ours” in that we suddenly own a theater, dang, but that would be cool…but “ours” in the sense that one located in our town. Or a town adjacent to our town. Well, you get the idea). Hoping to take my Dad to see it, at any rate. Then there’s the Free First Saturday at the Walker. The theme for April? Community Map: Celebrate your neighborhood and see how it fits into the global community. Also Saturday…Bettie Serveert will be playing. Unfortunately their show is appoximately the same time that David Sedaris will be appearing at the State Theater. There is a chance we could catch Sedaris first, then cruise over to the Entry to catch the show…depending on the number of opening bands they’ve got, and how long Sedaris speaks. Hmmm. Hopefully it will be do-able. Then Sunday? Resting and relaxing after all the excitement. That’s the plan at least. We’ll see how the reality turns out.