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Monkey Business

Reason #254 why I love J: he knows how to make me smile. Especially when I most need to. You see, J is well aware of what a crappy week I’ve been having. I’ve been working long days, since Sunday, trying to meet shifting and nebulous project deadlines. Every day has felt like an episode of that terrible show Sliders… arriving to the office to find a slightly different version of what I knew to be reality, like I’ve entered a somewhat off-kilter parallel universe. And I’ve been working all week while my body has been playing host to a nasty cold/flu combo that’s kicking my ass (which might explain my fever-inspired reference to Sliders). So I haven’t been the happiest camper. Especially in the evenings, when I eventually return home. But last night J had a plan in place to try to change this. When I walked in the door I was greeted by the little man…in his monkey suit, from last Halloween. And the kid was beaming from ear to ear while bouncing up and down. “Momma momma, my monkey suit” as though I might somehow fail to notice what he was wearing. And he kept pointing at his monkey flash card (his favorite from that set), repeating “monkey, monkey” and then pointing to himself. Heh. That was the highlight of my week, hands down. But hopefully he won’t be expecting new outfits now…to coordinate with each of his favorite flashcards. As amusing as that would be, it would be one daunting, and expensive, feat.

little monkey from last Halloween