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And The Weird Gets Weirder

Just had one helluva commute, thanks to last night’s slushy snowfall. The little man’s pre-school is on a fairly busy road. This morning it was slicker than I’ve ever seen it. I was already crawling along in cautious-driving mode when the unexpected happened. A car from the oncoming lane of traffic started to spin out, then did a full 180 and ended up directly in front of me. To avoid hitting it I barely tapped my brakes and steered my car to the right. But because of the ice I slid out of the way a little further than intended…stopping just before we would have hit a telephone pole. After I let out the breath I’d been holding the little man just said “whoa”. So after verifying everything was ok I signalled, to try to get back on the road…but at least a dozen cars zoomed past before one would let me in. A few blocks later we pulled up in front of the pre-school to find:
1: a car wrapped around a tree on the boulevard, right in front of the playground 2: and one block further up a taxi cab wrapped around a telephone pole
The little man stared at the former for a moment before pointing and declaring “the car’s broken”. I should have taken photos, but this was pre-coffee. And post-adrenaline rush. I think it would have been a good day to stay in bed. With the alarm clock unplugged.
Update: I could have had it worse. I forgot to mention the guy driving next to me on the freeway this morning. I heard this god-awful screeching sound so naturally I turned to look. And saw that he was driving on three tires, and one rim. But he didn’t seem very concerned about it. Maybe I should adopt his attitude. Yeah, everything’s all fucked up…but you’ve got to keep going. So for now I’ll do my best to ignore my burgeoning fever and sore throat. And looming deadlines. And just keep chugging along.