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Greetings From Hell

Some recent experiences got me thinking about Matt Groening’s pre-Simpsons work. Back in high school I read his Life in Hell comic every week in the City Pages. Which, at the time, was described as “the funniest, most sneakily radical strip in the country” by the Village Voice. I remember being amused by it. But maybe not fully getting it. I certainly do now…so many years later, and with a lot more life experience under my belt. I can’t help but feel certain comics were written just for me. Or about me. But that’s what makes the comics so brilliant. They’ve got something for everyone, from lonely tyrants to sullen teenagers. And just for those who are amused and/or depressed by “Office Space“, I must recommend Work Is Hell. Where “all the bullies and toadies who once tormented you are now your supervisors or trying to sell you insurance”. Check it out. But remember, “if you can keep your expectations tiny you’ll go through life without being so whiny”. Pure genius.