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Unfocused And Fuzzy

Weird. My attention span is ridiculously short today. I’m antsy. I’ve got butterflies. Of the kind that generally come with anticipation. But I’m not anxiously awaiting anything. Well, nothing I can think of…aside from next week’s installment of Buffy. It must be the unanticipated free time, combined with caffeine. It shouldn’t have been entirely unanticipated. I knew the project would be more or less complete as of October 1st. But I was so wrapped up in it, pulling so many non-stop long days at work, that I didn’t stop to think what would come after. Sort of like all those people who prepared so manically for the Y2k non-event. Heh. And thus far I haven’t been assigned to the next big thing. So I’ve got a little down time to hone my skills. To tinker with what I learned last week. Should probably get on with that. Instead of finding other distractions and places to make more of my money disappear.