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Bellus Animus

As the little man spent last weekend with the grandparents, we didn’t clock enough cuddling time. So the plan for the week is to focus on him, even if he is in cranky little mofo mode. Hopefully that will pass. Quickly. So…painful as it was, I missed out on meeting the man, the myth, Bruce Campbell. He was just a few miles from my house Monday night, speaking and signing at a local book store. Just for kicks I drove past it in on the way home from the co-op (where the little man had kicked me in the gut repeatedly while I struggled to coerce him into the grocery cart seat). Didn’t spot BC, but I did see several fans about, wearing Evil Dead shirts and/or carrying “If Chins Could Kill“. Sigh. Also skipping the Low in-store at Let it Be tonight, but I did just see them on Saturday…and I’m sure they’ll have a fine turnout. Me, I’ll be hanging with the little man. Especially pre- and post-Buffy, of course.