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Recently Mick enquired about my robot “obsession”. I’ve never consciously acknowledged it as a full-fledged obsession…but I guess it could be seen that way. I’d prefer to describe it as a “fascination” with robots. Makes me sound a little less freaky. Heh. But just the other night I watched Metropolis, again. And I recently re-read Andi Watson’s “Geisha” comics (also about a robot girl - well, technically an android). I adore the robots in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime “Laputa: Castle in the Sky“. I have no idea why I hadn’t come across it before, but Mick kindly pointed out Popbot by Ashley Wood. Will have to pick that up. And I list several links to sites of others who are, to a greater or lesser degree, also fascinated with robots. I can’t quite explain it…I guess I’ll have to ponder it a while longer. But I do have some idea where it started. At a young age my pleasantly-geeky Dad exposed me to a lot of science fiction. A great source was his subscription to Omni Magazine, in its early days. Now my interest in science fiction is far greater than my Dad’s…and I’m hoping to pass this along to my son in some form. Maybe when he’s a little older. Though he’s already obsessed with Buzz Lightyear (of Toy Story 1 & 2, not Star Command thankfully). Guess it’s genetic.