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Super Bright

My sorely overused digital camera, my partner in crime over these last four years, died this past weekend. I nearly feel like I’ve lost a member of the family. Or an appendage at least. Sure, it was beaten and battered and in generally poor condition. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise…but it had somehow been holding it together. And performing admirably. The last straw was a visit to my Dad’s. While we were standing in the split-level entryway the little man bumped into me. I didn’t have my messenger bag closed securely. My aspiring pro-wrestler is quite the brute, despite his tender age. He knocked into me with great force, causing the camera to fly right out of the bag. And bounce its way down the stairs. They were carpeted stairs, but still. Not a lovely sight. Felt as though it were happening in slo-mo and I could do nothing to stop it. A suitable replacement is urgently needed. I am hoping to snag this bad boy soon. I’ve been wanting a digital SLR camera for a while, with optical zoom. This one also captures video (short quicktime movies). It must be obtained before the little man’s birthday next month. But I am seriously jonesing. I am the queen of instant gratification. I want it now. Out on my lunch break yesterday I noticed several things I would have liked to photograph. And then there is my cutie-pie. I usually snap a piccie of the little man at least once a day. Sigh. Soon. Very soon. I hope.