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Celebration of Durability

It has been an especially strange time to live in Minneapolis. I’ve posted about the Chauvin trial plenty elsewhere. I’ll just reiterate that this verdict is accountability more than actual justice. There is so much work to do yet. And Minneapolis can’t even begin to do the work until we vote our current weaksauce mayor out of office (I never voted him in). In this next election, I will vote for Sheila Nezhad, whose values align with my own. I hope she is elected as it will mean a better Minneapolis for us all.

Five Good Things:

  • The other day I attended my first live music event / social gathering of the year. It was largely outdoors. I bundled up appropriately. It felt moderately awkward to begin with since I’m so out of practice. And there were a few folks I didn’t quite recognize behind masks. But the music was lovely and I’m glad I went.
  • Ron and Russell, of Sparks, have written a movie that looks interesting. Annette, starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. And The Sparks Brothers documentary by Edgar Wright will be screening as part of the MSP Film Fest next month.
  • I have an appointment scheduled for my next tattoo. It’s not until August but it’s with the person who first tattooed me nearly 30 years ago, and many times since, and I trust him. Plus? I can walk there from home.
  • Adulthood has its perks. All of my bedding is from Marimekko and last night I slept on the newest set of sheets. They are so very lovely and comfortable.
  • On my walk last night I listened to the latest Why Are Dads? podcast episode with the fantastic Eric Garcia. They dug into Rain Man. I clearly remember when that movie came out. Growing up, I only had two first cousins. One of whom is autistic. Going out in public with him was always an adventure. People would ask what was wrong with him or glare at us over his puzzling behavior. He was just stimming or self-soothing. He lived in NYC but my aunt would bring him to St. Paul for weeks at a time in the summer. Now that I am older and the parent of an autistic young man I can only imagine how much havoc that wreaked with his routine and comfort. I’m sure it was constant sensory overload. If Rain Man had been done well, it could have from the perspective of the autistic main character rather than his jackass brother’s. The movie did bring more awareness to autism but it may have done more harm than good. Anyhow, this podcast episode is wonderful. Pre-order Eric Garcia’s book, We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation.

This weekend has been one to relax and recharge. But thanks to targeted ads + insomnia, I ordered this Vietnamese coffee lover’s bundle early this morning. It’s a good thing I really do love Vietnamese coffee. I did manage to get some things done: laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, walking. But my media consumption has been excessive. I’ve watched season finales for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and For All Mankind. I also hate-watched the new Mortal Kombat movie (why, Sharyn, why?) and somehow binged the first season of Shadow & Bone, despite not enjoying it much (I read the books years ago but can’t remember them). Tonight I will watch the latest episode of The Nevers, which could be great but is just ever-so-slightly off, followed by Mare of Eastown, which has been wonderful. My point? Too much TV time. I look forward to better weather and more fully vaccinated friends and family members to visit with.

Pink hyacinth in bloom
Funerary statue of a young woman resting her head on one hand while holding a wreath in the other hand
An orange tulip just beginning to bloom

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