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Telling the Story Without Knowing the End

Lately every news cycle is even uglier than the last. But I need to take care of myself. And to keep my forward momentum going. Fostering that positive mental attitude. Trying to quash the negative self-talk and work on the gratitude. To that end, I find myself grateful for many things:

  • After weeks of back and forth my mortgage was officially approved. And the condo across the hall from mine (the one that I’m buying) just went on the market, and for significantly more than I paid, though they are the pretty much the same. Am I driving property values up?
  • I made an appointment with an estate planning attorney. Leveling up in adulthood. Last year I acquired a safe deposit box. Now I’ll have more important documents to put into it. And some lingering anxieties I can file away.
  • I signed my contract to continue teaching at MCTC. It’s been a learning experience for me, as much as it is teaching. And the extra income gives me some breathing room.
  • Between my day job and my part-time teaching gig, my schedule is pretty tight. The only time I can travel is the second week of January. I looked at Miami, California, Denver. But I don’t want to go somewhere I need to rent a car and Europe is still more affordable, overall. I found myself a great deal on a trip to Portugal. Never been and I’m super excited.
  • The other night I attended the Cat Video Fest, again, with my son. We had the most perfect weather. And getting to sit on the field itself at CHS Stadium is always a good time.

My podcast queue is already full but Getting Better with Ron Funches has been the best addition. I was already a fan of his. I appreciate his positivity. And we are both parenting teenaged sons with autism. And he’s got me back on the vision boarding idea. Somehow I missed his comedy special, Giggle Fit. It’s at the top of my queue now. And I was so excited to learn he’ll be here in October for the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival along with Aparna Nancherla, Brian Posehn and others. I know I need to get better at living in the moment but it’s also good to have things to look forward to.

Little Miss Olive

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