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This Is Me Breathing

Well, that’s behind me. This morning I handed over keys to the duplex we had called home since early 2014. I have mixed feelings about it. Circumstances were quite different when we moved in. I was partnered then and we chose that place for our joint household. I had been hopeful on a number of fronts. Mostly I thought I had found my person. And as a single struggling parent splitting the bills with another adult really took the pressure off me in a way I had never known, and have not known since. Unfortunately there were other pressures at play and the relationship was doomed to fail. He moved out by the end of 2015 and my son and I stayed, despite the rent being more than I could really afford. It was an incredibly comfortable space. Until it wasn’t (the mold saga).

So many significant things happened in our lives while living there. My son’s entire high school career, from the rocky start Freshman year - with an IEP gone MIA and an abusive autism room teacher (we had her removed) - to senior year when he was crowned Homecoming King. This was the first time he was able to walk to and from a school and he relished the independence. He also learned to cook in that kitchen and completely took over seasonal holiday cookie-making. We hosted many delightful gatherings with friends/chosen family. And we thoroughly enjoyed the decadence of having two full bathrooms for just two humans. But there were flaws beyond just the mold and a number of things we won’t miss. Particularly the nearby cross-fit gym that blasts dance music at 6am. And the treacherous crumbling sidewalk on the side of the house that ends abruptly so I had to schlepp across an icy wasteland in the winter to get to the garage.

How about Five Good Things?

  • Enjoying the calm after the storm and being able to unpack and settle in at the new place. And possibly have a social life again. Multiple friends live within walking distance now.
  • We have a gas oven/stove again! For the first time since I sold my old house in 2011. It’s amazing and far superior to electric.
  • Another thing I can focus on? My October trip to Italy. Planning to take a tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa.
  • I wouldn’t call this good, per se, but I’m glad the shark baby is safe.

    Shark called Helen disguised as baby and stolen from aquarium in pushchair

  • Mizna is proud to release its sports and social justice–themed issue Mizna: The Playing Field this Thursday.

Spent my first less stressed evening in our new home making a lovely dinner and revisiting Grosse Pointe Blank. Peak John Cusack right there. What a dreamboat.

The End

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