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It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

August was just as much of a whirlwind as I’d expected. We spent much of it traveling, which was great (the boyfriend and I loved Toronto and Montreal while my son enjoyed Vancouver). But the bits of August that were spent at home were miserable. The humidity was officially TOO MUCH. Record breaking heat indices and blah blah blah. Causing discomfort far worse than winter’s bite. Sure, winter can kill you too. But at least winter allows for the possibility of comfort. By bundling up to face the harsh elements, and layering indoors to stay warm along with baking and cooking, which are two of my favorite activities. But the heat has since broken and we’re miserable for other reasons. It’s BACK TO SCHOOL. And back to the 6am wake-up call. And back to too much to do, not enough time and not enough sleep.

How about five good (or at least interesting) things:

It hasn’t been all bad since our vacations came to an end. I enjoyed my first ever Stiftungsfest, in the boyfriend’s small hometown. And I took the kid to the 2nd annual Internet CatVidFest, this time at the State Fair. But I’ve also been worrying about my nephew in Afghanistan - he sends me bittersweet updates when he can. And I stupidly dropped my iPhone, shattering the screen and incurring a $150 repair fee. And I’ve been debating whether to a) ditch my car altogether and solely use a combo of mass transit/HourCar/human power or b) obtain a loan to buy a new-to-me car or c) delay the decision by trying to keep my beater running a little while longer. The jury is still out.

My son & I with the Lil Bub cutout

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