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My Passion for Transcendence

Life has been filled with sucker punches lately. Nuisances or hindrances that could be deflected one at a time but are too much to bear when the world’s fists of fury are pummeling away at you. And making everything feel so much harder than it needs to be. I kinda want to hide out in a sensory deprivation tank for a spell. But instead it is time to go on vacation, again. The big trip we’ve been planning since late winter. Maybe I’d be more excited about it…if AirBnb hadn’t texted me a reminder at 3:30am this morning, waking me up. Stress + exhaustion are not a good combo. I’m sure I’ll feel better once we’re in Canada, embarking on our Scott Pilgrim Pilgrimage in Toronto and strolling through the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal.

Here are five good things:

When we return I’ll be making a major lifestyle decision. I can already tell which way I’m going to go, with my gut. I believe it is time for me to join the ranks of the car-less again. My current car is paid for, sure, but it was also totaled last year. As wonderful as my mechanic is I have spent far too much time visiting him in the last year. It’s time to get rid of the rust bucket and get creative! I already walk to and from the nearby grocery store. And we live close to several Hour Car hubs so I can always grab a car when I need it. And I frequently work from home these days. And my son will be taking the school bus both ways this coming school year. And the lovely boyfriend lives with us and has a nice, newer reliable car that I can make use of now and again, for grocery-getting or whatever. I will continue mulling it over and do some more number crunching but I do believe it will be the best way to go. And it will feel particularly good when I donate my beater to the charity of my choice.

I liked this duck towel, and the wee little swimsuit in the tree

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