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Entertaining the Children of the Night

My night owl tendencies are only worsening with the lengthening of the days. I can enjoy it for now but I’m going to have to seriously curb these bad habits come September. Next school year the poor kid and I will have to start getting up an hour earlier every school day. Boo to that! But yay to electives that will (hopefully) hold his interest. I’ll be heading to the school next week to register him for classes…for the beginning of his high school career. Eep.

Five good things for this fine Thursday:

The kid and I already have a busy weekend ahead. But now we have a forgotten deadline to boot. Since May is NEXT WEEK. I was hoping we could make some super short films together. In general, but specifically to submit for consideration in The Soap Factory’s Ten Second Film Festival, in conjunction with Northern Spark 2012. We better get cracking. Deadline is Tuesday.

Monday night haus show

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  1. amanda wrote:

    i was thinking about signing the girlchild and myself up for guitar lessons this summer! i love family art projects; films and picture and music and anything else.

    Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

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