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Now We’re Cooking With Gas

I’ve been on the verge of an anxiety-fueled total meltdown for far too long now. But I am in the home stretch. I spent much of the weekend removing personal effects and trash from my former home. While doing so I was reminded of how much I loathe that neighborhood. A woman across the street was shrieking at her small children to “get the eff back in the house.” But at least the area scavengers are on top of things. On Saturday I left a bunch of broken items on the curb. A BBQ grill, vacuum cleaner, lawn chairs, etc. When I returned Sunday most had been taken. I also found my spare car keys hidden away in a closet, which was nifty. Today I sign yet more paperwork for one of the banks. Some time this week I need to track down a certified copy of my divorce decree. It might be tacky to borrow my ex-husband’s copy but I’m going to ask anyhow. And Friday is the big day. I need to let all the danged utility companies and my insurance company know because after closing? I will no longer be responsible for that property. And then I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

How about five wonderful things?

On Friday I had a really fun and satisfying experience at work. In under 24 hours my co-workers, along with a little help from some of our friends, managed to raise something like $1600 for Toys for Tots and I was one of the shopping spree volunteers. We had a pre-planning meeting where we created a spreadsheet of what to buy for which age groups. At Target we split off into pairs with our smart phones, entering dollar amounts into the spreadsheet as we chucked each item into our carts. And we deliberated very carefully over each and every purchase, trying only to get things that were both fun and useful (like Thinsulate texting gloves for teens). At the end of checkout our group of six managed to come in about $20 under budget. The extra cash was donated directly. I had to take off to meet my son after school but part of our group was able to deliver our haul to the drop off site right away. Very rewarding.

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