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When the Stars Started to Slip

I will always have a soft spot for Echo and The Bunnymen, and other such 80s era bands who were major players during my formative years. They helped make me the little gothling/alterna-teen/darksider I was (and still am, I’m currently listening to This Mortal Coil). So I cringe - seriously, it’s almost a phsycial, visceral pain - when I read things like this:

Our man in Glasgow Neil Cooper was looking forward to Ocean Rain live on Wednesday night. What he got was a very public meltdown from Ian McCulloch. Songs Not Learned Or Sung: Echo And The Bunnymen Bomb In Glasgow

Sadness! How about happiness instead? Five good things for this fine Friday:

  • Last night I began reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern wherein ‘two magicians of indefinite but certainly magically long lifespan – one a public performer named Prospero the Enchanter, aka Hector Bowen; the other known only as “the man in the grey suit” or “Mr. A. H—” – are engaged in a profound rivalry, played out over many generations by appointed pupils.’ Right up my alley!
  • Also my kind of thing… “What ancient Japanese castles have to do with costumed gadget-sellers and the legacy of anime” and “Fuzz & Fur features photographs of over 100 kigurumi, each profiled with text that explains the mascot’s origins, its likes and dislikes, and its unique personality.” Naturally I ordered this book the moment I learned of its existence.
  • Last night I also ordered the new volume of posthumous work by Shel Silverstein - Every Thing On It. As much for me as for my son.
  • The Tin Can Castle reopens this weekend - the Frank Gehry designed Weisman Art Museum, and its new expansion, will open its doors to the public with a gala and a WAMdemonium grand reopening on Sunday.
  • Lastly, an impressive garlic peeling technique - How to Peel an Entire Bulb of Garlic in 10 Seconds

Tonight I’m planning to stop in to see some lovely peoples at the Art Records Beer Year 2 event at Yeti Records. But I’ve recently learned about Pat’s Tap opening nearby - with skeeball *and* cheese curds. Dangerousity! Just pile those curds on top of the apple pie I consumed this morning, baked by one of the lovely Clockwork sysadmins, made with vodka - which, apparently, is the secret to foolproof pie crust. Who knew?

Kjrsten's badass Bridgestone

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