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Figuring Out Where To Land

The weather overshot perfect and veered into perfectly miserable. Our weekend’s outdoor activities were curtailed unless they involved swimming, water balloons and squirt guns. The drive-in, mini golf, and baseball games can wait until the dew point drops. Lethargy has set in around our home. The cats are sad immobile little lumps. The kid and I have been holed up in my bedroom with the window a/c unit. Despite the slightly brisk air my brain still feels sluggish. While my son plays “prankster planet” games on one computer I may embark on a new adventure on the other - beginning with Game of Thrones, episode one. Unless I traverse Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness instead.

Five good/bad/vaguely interesting things:

  • An old old friend was visiting from San Francisco and Friday night we caught up at my place.
  • Saturday night I bounced around between three venues/shows and TOOK NO PHOTOS. How odd.
  • It was a bittersweet Sunday at the bakery: Cake Eater’s Final Daze
  • Kyle Macdonald claims it’s an art project. The U.S. Secret Service is not so sure. Check out People Staring at Computers and come to your own conclusion.
  • Damn, I just stumbled on more tattoo ideas, via an upcoming Denver art opening: “Animals are our relatives. Dead Relatives is a special look at death, as a satire. Usually a taboo subject in many cultures, Mexican traditions revere death. Death is celebrated, it is humorous. The Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) patterns embodied by the endearing silhouettes of chosen animals set a cunning tone to the show. The styles of Ernesto Yerena and Philip Lumbang contrast and compliment. Whether the animal is mythological or culturally relevant, each animal carries a message that the artists would like for the audience to ponder.”

While the weather has certainly slowed my roll, this past week has been the busiest yet for showings of the house. We averaged one a day (including today). From one realtor we received somewhat more favorable yet still vague feedback - which included the prospect of a second showing to the potential buyer - yet I still don’t dare get my hopes up of selling anytime soon. So why am I compulsively checking apartment listings on craigslist? I ought to quit tormenting myself with that.

Cake Eater's Final Daze

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