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Chaos is a Friend of Mine

My Monday morning began with a bunch of men tromping around my basement, and a backhoe out in front of the house. What will the neighbors say? I had hoped to get some work done from home while this sewer repair proceeds around me (the culprits - old clay tile and tree roots). But I hadn’t anticipated just how LOUD it would all be. What with the backhoes and burly men with sledgehammers and things that beep and the buzzing reverb of walkie talkies. And all the information and questions for me, as the homeowner. The guys have been really pleasant though and have a much needed sense of humor about their work - which deals largely with other people’s poop. I’ve taken a few photos. Just be glad you don’t have Smell-O-Vision.

It’s high time for five good things.

Despite going without much running water at home (we’re all Little House on the Prairie style up in here) the boy and I managed to have a nice weekend. There were sleepovers, and the kite festival and dinner at E Noodle and I saw the debut of new local band Knuckle Grinder. But I won’t be disappointed when things finally return to normal. Which, alas, won’t be until later in the week. At least I don’t have to be home for phase two of project poop flow.

Knuckle Grinder's first show

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