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Shouting From the Rooftops

My beautiful boy turned ten yesterday. TEN YEARS OLD! Wowzers. Guess he really is the BIG little man now. We celebrated the day by providing his class with vegan donut holes for snacktime. After school my ex-husband picked the lad up and the two retrieved his bio-Dad and his lovely girlfriend. Then the lot of them drove over to my office to grab me, and we all carpooled to Space Aliens Bar and Grill for some quality arcade time, moderately decent pizza and fries, and gift opening. In the arcade we managed to accumulate over 1600 “tickets” - to be traded for prizes. And what did my son do? He used fully half of those tickets to acquire a gift for me (a big plush kitty stuffed animal). He is unbelievably sweet. He still loves me. For now. But I swear I will never ever live this down. It keeps turning up on the regular.

Five good and/or interesting things for today:

Tomorrow night we’ll continue birthday week festivities, by hanging out with one of the boy’s former (and all time favorite) teachers at the Landscape Arboretum. And Sunday will see us hitting up Picnic Club for brunch, just before the big big birthday party at PUMP IT UP PARTY ZONE. I’m a bit tired just thinking about it, but it will buttloads of fun.

Birthday boy at the school bus stop

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