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Calm Spreads Calm

Last night I made an attempt to get the little man away from the computer, and his repeated, obsessive Toy Story viewings. After one of my suggestions he looked at me, dead serious, and said:

“We can’t do something fun…[pause]…it’s too dangerous.”

Uh-huh. That’s when I turned off each of the computers. For a few hours anyway. Speaking of getting away from computers, and getting away, in general…my wanderlust is the worst it’s been in ages. Realistically we can’t spend much time or money on a big trip, so the husband suggested a compromise. A weekend away, somewhere within driving range. We then found, simultaneously (he on his computer, me on mine) the Arbor House. A vegan-friendly B&B in Madison, Wisconsin, just a four hour drive from home. And in the vicinity of the B&B there are five movie theaters, a number of vegan-friendly restaurants (including one all-vegan place), and an arboretum. Now we just need the go-ahead from the little man’s grandmother, and it looks like we’ll be able to celebrate the husband’s 30th birthday in style.
Bonus: Brace yourself, for this stomach-churning, live action Strongbad.
Plus: I know, you’re prolly all sick of my current obsession, but you can now find Flickr photos by color and brightness (via Kottke).
And: This post’s title was inspired by Cherie’s “golden rules for a peaceful existence” - a list I should really print off and stick on my wall. And I don’t usually do that sort of thing.