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Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Ah, another busy day for the homebodies. Yesterday it was playgroup, today an adventure with Auntie D…the little man’s paternal aunt. She lives out of state so we see her just twice a year…but we both enjoy her visits immensely. Today she joined us for a few hours of play at the Children’s Museum, followed by a low-key lunch at Babani’s (the first, and perhaps only, Kurdish restaurant in the states). Then the poor dear had some last minute shopping to do. I’m quite relieved that mine is all taken care of. The gifts have even been wrapped for a few days now. When I was finishing up last week I took the little man to Toys R Us, and let him pick out whatever he wanted for Xmas. The boy showed amazing restraint. He only picked out two items, neither of them extravagant. Just a construction worker kit with play tools, and a pair of plain, polar fleece slippers. I was all set to throw in the 12-inch Batman, who he likes, and Green Lantern dolls (pardon me, action figures) but he shocked me with a patronizing “Mom, put them back on the shelf”. Maybe he realized they would have been more for me than for him. Busted!

shadow puppet theater
oh no, that wizard is going after Trogdor, the<br />
white light with auntie D
white light with auntie D and mom, in the mirror