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Life in Light and Shadow

The month of May has me feeling off. Mother’s Day is complicated enough, but it falls near the anniversary of my brother Tom’s death. The erosion of human rights in this country doesn’t help (incidentally, I was born the same year as Roe V Wade). Spring has sprung late around these parts so my son and I are both doped up on allergy meds and still miserable. And, sadly, one of our sweet elderly cats is in steady decline. Our 17 year-old cat is in good health, thankfully, but the 15 year-old has Stage 2 kidney disease and heart problems. Recently, life has been all about trying to administer meds to him three times a day. While also feeding him expensive prescription cat food and keeping the other cat from eating his food and vice versa. Dude will be having another pricey echocardiogram today. Vet bills have depleted my savings account and I’m now racking up credit card debt. But Fred is worth it. He is family. Something we don’t have a whole lot of.

Five good things:

  • The Newcomers podcast had me from the jump.

    Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer take a deep dive into cultural staples they haven’t gotten around to just yet. So far, they have covered Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Tyler Perry’s body of work, and the Fast & Furious franchise (with guest host Jon Gabrus). This season, Lauren returns and together she and Nicole tackle the long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe (abridged).

    The most recent episode tackled Captain America: Civil War with my longtime crush, Jason Mantzoukas. I highly recommend it.

  • A New Yorker interview. Parker Posey Is Dead Serious: The fifty-three-year-old actress discusses “The Staircase,” ceramics, the state of indie film, and her idea for a show about dogs playing poker.
  • We are living in interesting times, with more television shows to choose from than ever before. I’m unable to watch shows with unlikeable characters behaving badly, so no Succession or Ozarks or We Own This City for me. But I absolutely adored Severance. While I eagerly await season two, I now have Star Trek New Worlds to keep me occupied. I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. And it’s now the top-rated Trek show on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • British comedian Adam Buxton talks with interesting people. He seemed to be on hiatus for a few months, but thankfully his podcast is back. A few of his recent episodes have been with Taskmater-related folks too. And Taskmaster is another thing that has kept me going all pandemic. Both bring me such joy. I would love to see Buxton on a future series of Taskmaster.
  • Next month I’m taking myself on a solo trip to Santa Fe. But I will be meeting up with a few friends while there. I look forward to visiting the Meow Wolf Mothership, House of Eternal Return. I’ll also be driving around bits of Colorado and soaking in some hot springs.

It’s week three at my new job and I’m still finding my feet. Feels like peeling back an onion. The onboarding has been mostly self-directed. I think I’m balancing it pretty well without burning myself out. I’ve been able to take a fair number of long lunchtime walks when the weather is cooperating. I suspect I won’t be feeling confident in this role until after a few months or even six. There’s always so much to learn.

Amusing drawing of a long-legged bird wearing big boots, drawn in white on an outdoor municipal electric box

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