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Sail, Not Drift

Today marks a significant turning point. I took my first dose of Prozac. This is the first time I’ve turned to medication to improve my mental health. It took long enough just to get myself into therapy. Now, at age 47, I’ve realized I can’t breathe my way out of my anxiety disorder. While I am anxious about the potential side effects, I’ll assess how I’m feeling at the end of this first 30-day supply. To that end, I’ve started a daily journal to document how I feel along the way. This might not be the solution I need. But it is a process. I need to start somewhere. Something had to change and it feels good to take charge.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll have my second dose of the vaccine. And, as of next week, my son will be eligible for a vaccine in MN. Our governor is opening it up to everyone over the age of 16. Once our pod is fully vaccinated, I’ll be able to hug my fully vaccinated father again. This is my sort of Spring Fever, super cautious style.

THIN ICE signage next to a fully melted Como Lake

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