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Physiological Noise

Well, I made it through another work week. But these big moods are taking a toll on my body. I have an unusually low resting heart rate. 55bpm. But not this week. My heart has been racing, no matter what I do. Initially, I blamed Sudafed. But I only took one dose of that on Monday. Even after that was out of my system, the racing heart systems persisted. I’ve tried meditating with my Calm app and doing yoga and decreasing my caffeine intake. No dice. It’s not quite to Tachycardia levels but still. So I am about to have my first telemedicine doc appointment to see about some relief. Possibly in the form of Propranolol, a beta blocker often used to treat anxiety. We’ll see.

Five items of note for this new era:

Update: The telemedicine doc was 20 minutes late. Just like in real life! But there was no virtual waiting room or any way of knowing that she was running behind. So that only caused my anxiety to increase. We had a thorough discussion of my general health history and recent symptoms and she does not think I have anything to worry about. But to get in touch if this is still troubling me in a week. She also suggested I see if my therapist is taking telemedicine patients yet (she has been out on maternity leave all year).

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