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A Flimsy Layer of Optimism

The year has been off to an interesting start. Especially after spending a week in Portugal (possibly my new favorite country that I want to explore more of). I love Lisbon! That hilly city gave me such a great workout. 10 or 11 miles daily while taking it all in. And the equivalent of 84 flights of stairs one day. Fitbit sent an email update the week after and it was looking pretty sad, comparing more current stats with vacation week stats. All red arrows pointing down. Speaking of down, I was toying with the idea of taking my son somewhere for his Spring Break in March. Top of the list is Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe. But fiscal responsibility is even higher on the list. More staycations may be in my future.

  • Next month my son’s annual climbing gym membership renews for $499.
  • I need to hire a plumber to see about our bathroom sink that is both draining slowly and leaking. Hooray for homeownership.
  • We’re staying in a somewhat expensive hotel in Milwaukee over Memorial Day Weekend, when I go see Bikini Kill for the first time in years.
  • I still want to get a damned Peloton bike but I haven’t had a chance to do the test workout to see if I’m tall enough for it. I dislike a lot of what’s associated with Peloton too but I need some sort of exercise I can do first thing in the morning at home, without waking my son up, that has some sort of accountability (their classes).

Now that I’m back in Minnesota for the foreseeable future, and back to teaching, we need to make the best of winter. And that includes all of the winter activities on offer. Like the Art Shanty Projects, Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival, and the Winter Carnival’s Saintly City Cat Show. When I realized we missed the annual Art Sled Rally, which was also Saturday, my son exclaimed “sheesh, we can’t do it all.” Thank you for the reminder, kiddo. Another winter activity to tackle? Photo editing. I did take my DSLR on my trip but haven’t gotten through all the pix just yet because I’ve been somewhat social (dating) lately.

Birds in Portugal
A view of some beautiful street art and the Rio Tejo

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