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Tell Them, I Am

This weekend I experienced some serious deja vu / Groundhog Day syndrome. Though the circumstances are different. This time last year I was also preparing for a move. But then it was hastened by black mold blooming in our rental and a shitty landlord who refused to remediate it. We quickly moved to the first good spot we could find, for my health. Now I’ve had the past year to consider what we need and, most importantly, where. Hence the impending purchase of the perfect condo. But we need to kick our purging and packing into high gear. This morning I made some progress. Loaded up three grocery bags of clothes that definitely do not spark joy. We’d gotten rid of so much before the last move but more stuff has accumulated somehow. Oh yeah, late stage capitalism - that’s how.

Five items to fascinate and delight:

While packing and fretting over my finances I slipped into hypothetical travel planning mode. Recently I received my school schedules for Fall/Winter and Spring. I’ll be teaching without a break from mid-January to late May. Looks like the second week of January would be the perfect time for me to take off. I plugged in a variety of locations to see what would be the most affordable. Somehow packages to Paris or Berlin beat out everything else, including Mexico and domestic locales. There’s a deal for a direct flight to Paris plus five nights at a decent hotel for $775. Dangerous knowledge. And yeah, it’s Paris (or Berlin) in January but that would still be milder than Minnesota. The more you know?

All aboard Zena's party bus

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