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The Exchange of Energy

Another wild week with pre-travel jitters and bad news. I’ve made an attempt to block out a lot of the bad mojo going around, and only take in what makes me happy. But it’s tough. And I am a chronically anxious worrier. My current concern? I’m supposed to fly out today, first to Reykjavik then on to Dublin. Unfortunately the first leg of my journey has been delayed and I may not have enough time to catch my connecting flight. If I don’t make it my entire Sunday in Dublin will be thrown into disarray. I will miss afternoon tea! And now is the perfect time to explain: What is afternoon tea? No pinkies up. There are a lot of delightful tea services around Dublin. Including this vintage tea tour on a bus. But that seems like a depressing solo activity. Instead I reserved a spot for tea at the castle hotel where I’m spending two nights. I will have just traveled for a very long time and it makes sense to enjoy tea where I am about to check in. Hopefully it works out.

Five Good Things:

Speaking of cooking, we are coming to the end of Minnesota’s growing season, and my Community Supported Agriculture program. I’ll be away when my last box is delivered at work so I’m having my teammates share it. I feel like I did all right using it up over the summer. Last weekend I cooked and baked SO much, using ingredients from the farm. Felt great.

colorful vegetables

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