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Another utterly draining week is coming to a close. Particularly with this news cycle, with caged children and a FLOTUS touring the detention facilities wearing a jacket with the words “I really don’t care do u?” on the back. But also on a personal level. Change is hard. Especially sudden change, and for someone with autism. Yesterday I made the tough decision to move my son and I out of our home of 4+ years. But there’s mold in the bones of this place and it’s aggravating my asthma. I’ve been too patient with the Property Management Company. It took them one full month to pull up wet carpet from my bedroom floor. A housing inspector came by yesterday and scolded me for not contacting the city sooner. I had recently renewed our lease for another two years but the landlord is letting me out of it without a penalty. They should be doing a whole lot more than that, all things considered. I’m heartsick as my son and I really loved this place. It was the perfect amount of space for the two of us, with all the bells and whistles. But we will be renting from friends instead. Landlords who will live just next door and are decent human beings instead of heartless, greedy bastards. It’s all happening so suddenly and we have so much work to do to prepare for it. Not much time for daydreaming or dilly dallying this summer. Taking a brief break from all the stress to celebrate my birthday at Pizza Farm next week. And I just realized that I’ve got a booth at the Strange Girls Summer Night Market the day we’re planning to move. Somehow I will make this work. And then I will thoroughly appreciate my vacation in October.

Five Good Things for Friday:

  • This woman. Wow. New hero.
    Most political ads don’t knock your socks off, but this one? Buckle up, buttercup. Meet MJ Hegar, she’s running for Congress in Texas District 31 and she’s just dropped a masterpiece of an introductory ad. This ad is gonna “take off” just like her career as an Air Force pilot. Hit the play button and see why MJ Hegar stands out from the crowd.

  • Billboard on 880 in Emeryville altered to read, ‘We make kids disappear. - I.C.E.
  • Best news I’ve heard all week: Edgar Wright’s Next Film Is a Documentary on Cult Pop-Rock Band Sparks
  • Just discovered fatcatart. Much wow. See for yourself.
  • Yesterday was the Solstice. I was so preoccupied with looking at apartments I nearly missed it. At the office we marked the occasion by receiving the first shipment of fresh produce from our Community Supported Agriculture program, through Open Arms. In areas with shorter growing seasons like ours every little bit must be celebrated.
Mary Lattimore, amazing experimental harpist

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