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The Abyss Gazes Back

We survived! My boyfriend and I took the lightrail to a show in the Warehouse District, on a Friday night that was also Halloween. After the show there were an appalling number of drunken revelers we had to push our way through. And far too many of them were pants-less. In 21 degree weather. This is Minnesota, people. I will never understand this behavior. Have you no self-preservation instincts? Or dignity? I wish more of those young ladies would have looked over these feminist costume ideas. Speaking of, I had an epiphany yesterday. The perfect Halloween costume idea! But I’m going to have to file it away for 2015.

Five good things:

  • Sneak a Peek Inside the “Witch’s House” of Beverly Hills. For the first time ever, Michael J. Libow shares pictures inside his home fit for Hansel and Gretel
  • What We Wore: vintage British street styles – in pictures
  • ZOMG Pee Wee Herman voices the Avengers 2 trailer, on Fallon. So good!
  • Also happy making, PJ Harvey covers Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand
  • Not a good tidbit so much as a bittersweet one. This week there was news that “Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment May Have Been Identified.” That evening a childhood friend messaged me. “You can finally finish your 6th grade high potential project!” I can’t believe he remembered my Amelia Earhart obsession. And oh High Potential. That was a strange program where a handful of students were pulled out of each grade level in our school district and brought together a couple of times a month. Which would have been great except it exacerbated our “smart kid” situations and caused the other kids pick on us more.

Yesterday my son’s school was closed, because of the end of the quarter. But it was nice having him with me for Halloween. We dressed up together, went out for lunch, stopped by my office in costume then saw The Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen in a nearly empty theater. Afterward he volunteered to hand out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters, while remaining in costume. That’s my boy!

Halloween 2014 at Clockwork

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