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Going Down With The Ship

Too many ups and downs lately. Funerals. Weddings. Back to school. Too great a concentration of BIG LIFE STUFF. Let’s pace ourselves, shall we?

Five good things (from last week, I’m way behind):

With the start of school comes the question, what to do for MEA break in October? A question many other parents have, apparently, already answered because just about every danged cabin in Minnesota has already been booked! I’ve spent too many evenings googling and sending inquiring emails and scouring AirBnB only to be rejected time and time again. One contender was not meant to be. After some initial confusion, caused by duplicate entries on AirBnB (one run by a college kid, the other by his parents) it turned out the amazing looking cabin on a chain of lakes was unavailable after all. And that very day in the nearby town of Dorset - jokingly called “the restaurant capital of the world” - half of their restaurants were struck by lightning and burned down. That means they went from four to two. Sad. Finally we found two places that were actually available. One in Northern, WI and the other in Southern, WI. I guess Wisconsin kids don’t get the same school break. Anyhow, one reason we opted to go South is to catch better colors with the leaves changing and all. Plus it’s only an hour and a half drive. Sold!

Jesse and Drew

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