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Bass Reverberates Most Materials

On Valentine’s Day I fully intended to post a round up of semi-romantic items but was too busy. First off, Thursday morning a strange howling sound awakened St. Paul. I was awake but somehow I didn’t hear it! Bummer. Friday I had a busy day of working from home, running errands, and getting my art hung for the evening’s show - all before the boyfriend came home from work. I attempted to wear my sparkly dress with the sequins but remembered how much the sequins chafe. I’ve got to figure out a way to mitigate that. Thankfully I found a back-up dress before it was time for dinner at The Craftsman. Two Cava cocktails with dinner and I could have easily gone straight to bed after. But I rallied and headed to the house show where my photos were hanging, along with some other pretty awesome art. But Saturday I was wrecked. I have rarely been hungover. I blame it on not drinking enough water before bed. None of my Saturday plans came to pass, aside from seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty at the Riverview with the guys and getting dinner at Vo’s. Still, not a bad weekend.

Not necessarily five good things this time. More like fascinating and/or bittersweet items:

The weekend before last my friend Luke put on his Drone Not Drones benefit show for Doctors Without Borders. I was there for roughly half of the 28 hour event and the boyfriend was there for an even greater chunk of it. I did manage to stay awake for his 2am set but I was too exhausted to take photos of it (though I took photos of other performers, when I was more alert). Not sure how many girlfriend demerits that’s worth. Anyhow, Luke plans to have streaming audio available soon. And donations are still being accepted here.


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