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Waiting for the Fever to Break

When it rains it pours! It feels like life has really been ratcheted up to life PLUS PLUS lately. Hoping this recent tidal surge will recede soon. Earlier I got off the phone with my realtor, again, confirming which offer to take for my house. Soon we will have a shitstorm of short sale paperwork to deal with. At least Hurricane Irene was, thankfully, not nearly as powerfully destructive as it could have been. So the lad was able to fly home to me tonight. As soon as the plane pulled up I was tempted to storm the walkway. Especially when the other passengers, who were not my son, began exiting. I just wanted so badly to hug my kid! But I didn’t want to get arrested as the terrorist mom love bomber. So irritating that unaccompanied minors come out last. And in an extremely strange twist? There were only two unaccompanied minors on the plane and they shared the same not-so-common first name and a birthday (though the other was one year older than my son). Oh so very odd. Anyhow, my son and I were extremely happy to see one another again and he was super happy to get home to the cats, and to scarf down a late dinner of tofu dogs before bed. We may hit up the State Fair tomorrow. Other excitement includes a dental check-up for the kid, and a meet-the-teacher orientation for us both at his school. Next week we will be transitioning into more normal routine life mode - whatever normal is for us - when sixth grade begins. I feel like just maybe we’re about to round a corner and things are going to start looking up for us. But to avoid disappointment maybe I should work on my “Honey Badger don’t careposition (see the mug below). But I will be sleeping a little easier tonight with my son back under my roof.

Honey Badger don't care!

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