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The Flow of My Movements

June flew right on by. But it was bursting at the seams with good times, and crazy weather. Just the combination my birth month should contain. Thirty-seven doesn’t feel all that different so far - not spectacular or awful. But I am the same age as my amazing boyfriend, who, it should be noted, went out of his way to make my birthday celebrations the best I’ve had in years. This involved some fine dining on the eve of my birthday, plus incredibly Sharyn-appropriate gifts (couldn’t wait a day to open them, oops). On my actual birthday I had my hair done (thanks again Groupon!) and had a few friends over. More folks braved the wild weather than I’d expected, considering much of Minneapolis had flooded. But I do live on higher ground at least. And we rounded things out with our random trip to Des Moines - that wouldn’t have had a more specific focus had Interpol actually played instead of canceling. But still, we managed to have a lovely time. More on that soon. And other things. For now? I am off to the dentist for my first cleaning in YEARS. Odd for someone who has such OCD issues with oral hygiene…

in the window of Fong's Pizza

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