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Tragic Carpet Ride

This past week has been a little rough around the edges. Came down with a crummy summer cold just as the roommate was moving in. And as it has been YEARS since we’ve had a roommate, re-adjusting to life with one is going to take some time (especially with just one bathroom in the house, ugh). Also? My latest tattoo is not healing well which is troubling. Hoping I don’t end up shelling out for a doc visit because of it. Boo hiss. But in addition to these lowlights, life hasn’t been without its highlights too. While I regret skipping The Future of the Left show last Wednesday, the little man and I enjoyed the show at Eclipse earlier that night. We also checked out both the new Mississippi Market co-op location and the nearby newly opened Trader Joe’s. And Saturday I gave in and took the lad to see G-Force, in 3D. Saturday night was mild and perfect for another backyard fire with friends. Sunday the lad and I finally road tripped it down to Kellogg, MN to check out Lark Toys. Their carousel was cool but we really dug the mini golf, with the Gatorade looking waterfall.

Our day trip got me thinking we need an extended stay elsewhere. Preferably in the Duluth/Superior area. Sadly we can no longer afford the Mountain Villas but some cheaper alternate contenders are Betty’s Cabins, Bob’s Cabins, Gooseberry Cabins or Ghost Lake Lodge. If we end up at any of those spots I’ll just have to force myself to not think of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s creepy Cabin in the Woods. Eep eep.

he kept calling the blue water "swamp water"

Bonus: I will most definitely be seeing the new Tron movie. The trailer makes me a little bit giddy.
Plus: I love my wacky and creative flickr contacts.
And: Torn between Pizza Farm adventures for tomorrow or seeing Tiny Music play with Paul Metzger. Hmmm.

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