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The Mysteries of What is Yet to Come

Life is fraught with uncertainty. That is the nature of the game, sure, but it has always bugged the hell out of me. So tenuous. Everything up in the air at all times. I would like certain aspects of my life to have more structure and be just a bit more definitive. But, as always, I’m trying to roll with it. And sometimes unexpected goodness rolls my way. This weekend I’m shooting a pretty dreamy wedding. The bride and groom are people I know, they have chosen interesting ceremony and reception sites, many of their guests are friends of mine and the catering is all vegetarian, with some vegan cupcakes. Score! And I was just asked to shoot another wedding, for other friends, in September. I have at least five more weddings lined up for 2009. That’s just about right. And another unexpected boon has come along. After I signed up for a account initial results were discouraging - nothing but international spam - but Friday a legit inquiry came along, from a student attending a nearby university. We’ve met a couple of times since and it seems like a done deal. I don’t want to get my hopes up until after he’s moved in, but I am cautiously optimistic. So much so that I spent a good chunk of the weekend deep cleaning the house (which was much easier in my son’s absence).

Other recent highlights:

The rest of this week should be quieter, spent preparing for this weekend’s wedding. And for the arrival of our potential roommate, who is tentatively moving in next week. And for whatever else the universe might throw my way.

Yoda and Marty

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